Stop waiting to start-up BitCamp brings technical skills to creative people in the heart of Oslo.

Code The Startup Way

Learn to Code

Learn all about coding & develop your skills to be able to turn your idea into reality and get your start-up off the ground.

Create Your Product

From design to problem solving, together with your bootcamp coaches you will be able to create your web application, from scratch & take immense pride in your product.


Now it’s built get out there, and show it to the world. You could be the next google!

Course Structure

Week 1 - 2

The first half of the bootcamp, we will give you the background knowledge and the skills you need to create your bootcamp.

You will learn HTML, CSS, programming basics & Ruby on Rails so you can create websites from scratch.

Week 3 -4

The second half of the bootcamp will take your newly acquired skills and point them towards your idea. Creating your start-up with help from your mentors along the way.

From domains to hosting and online marketing, our coaches will depart with their knowledge to help you get your idea off to a flying start.

Why Choose Us?

Your Idea

You Work on your idea. The course is tailored to give you all the tools you need to create your own startup. Therefore you don’t need to learn pointless code you will never use again.

Individual Mentoring

You will work closely with your mentor to overcome any sticking points you may have. To really take advantage of the course and not only create a sparkling product, but to learn how to code in the real world.

Free Residential Housing

Take advatage of BitCamp’s free residential housing in Oslo. You will be onsite together with your mentors so you don’t have to worry about missing the bus.

Next Course

The next cohort starts July 3rd. Application process can take up to two weeks, we will contact you for an interview before you are accepted.

July 3rd - July 29th

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